DYI Weatherproof Dollar Tree Tassel Garland...

Need some cute, easy, very inexpensive decoration for your next party?? I made theses for my grand’s Sip and See.


First I bought 4 plastic table clothes from the dollar tree.. They had the colors I needed pink, hot pink, gold and white. You might have to buy the tablecloth’s elsewhere to get your colors but they will be a little higher.


Each cloth makes 14 tassles.

I unfold the tablecloth just into on long strip DO NOT totally unfold. You will have one edge that is folded ( leave that edge alone……and the other edge which has a folded and open edge. Carefully cut open the fold on that edge. Cut the table clothes into 12 “ blocks . Measure down 2 inches from the folded edge. … then cut 1/2 inch wide strips just up to 2” from the folded edge. Please please please do not worry about making straight uniform strips. Trust me it doesn’t matter. For each block you should now have two cut tassels…yeaaaah.


Take each section and fold it in half, and in half again, and in half again, keep going until its around !/2 inch wide.

 Bend the whole thing in half over a pencil making a loop. Staple below the loop but above all the tassels..

Wrap some washi tape around staple.

I had 56 tassels and planned on using 40 feet of rope. To make it easier I cut rope into 10 foot strips. Starting about 6 inches down from the top, tie the first tassel to the rope, using the rope to make a single loop and pull tightly to secure. I used this natural fiber rope from Walmart.. click here for link. … 1/4 inch. You could use some smaller if you wish. I found that curling ribbon wasn’t strong enough for Kansas weather.

Hang tassels and enjoy. I was able to hand those outside for 3 days. We had high winds, snow, rain and hail. No worries good as new. The ones hanging outside will now hang int he girls bedroom. This is may first DYi tutorial so pleas let me know if you have any questions. Please send me photos of your tassel projects..